Booking Terms and Conditions

The small print. Please read in full...

• Your reservation payment of £200.00 indicates your good faith and serious intentions to proceed with renting the specified home.
• The payment will be held by Casa by Moda while we process your application.
• If your application is successful, it will be deducted from your first rent payment.
• Payment does not oblige Casa by Moda to let the home to you and it does not commit us to granting a tenancy or constitute an offer of a tenancy.
• No interest will be paid on the reservation payment.

Your move in date will be confirmed once the home is ready and we have completed your referencing checks. On occasion it may be necessary to alter the start date due to change of circumstances or delay and you will be notified of this in advance.

Your reservation payment is refundable if you live in Casa by Moda, Scotland Neighbourhood.

Your reservation will be non-refundable in the following circumstances:
• Where you or any proposed joint resident change your mind.
• Where you don’t begin referencing within 72 hours or because of delay or any action by you that prevents referencing being completed.
• Where your references show that you have given misleading or incorrect information which cannot be construed as a mistake.

We will refund your money, in full, if Casa by Moda decides to withdraw for any reason or is unable to enter into the tenancy.

To secure your home you can choose a deposit free option and opt to pay a non-refundable check in payment equivalent to one weeks rent with
Alternatively, you can choose the traditional deposit option. Your tenancy is kept safe with . This is a custodial scheme, and they will hold onto the money for you until you move out.

Your first month’s rent is due as a single transaction, as standard, before your move in date. Please note we do not have the facilities to accept cash. Please speak to the Casa by Moda team for other payment requirements.

We will contact you again to confirm balances due before move in.

You acknowledge that we will use your name, address, and contact details for the purposes of progressing your application and subsequently for notifying your council tax, water and energy suppliers at the home and for the purposes of setting up your accounts with them.

It is important that you read and understand the above terms and conditions and please contact us directly or seek independent advice if further help is needed.