We provide happy, healthy, safe and sustainable places to live long-term. We deliver best-in-class at an accessible price for all, appealing to a broad demographic.

We call it everybody homes.

We're looking for opportunities.

We have an immediate requirement for strategic land or collaboration opportunities to create our modern, new family homes in well connected locations across the UK.

We’re looking for sites in excess of 2 acres where we can create new neighbourhoods of 100+ homes. There is no upper limit on the size of the sites we’re willing to consider. We're backed by one of the largest global real estate investors, with funds available for immediate deployment.

Interested? Get in touch with our acquisitions team to discuss any opportunities.


Requirement for homes across the UK


Capital to be deployed


Demand from prospective residents

Contact our corporate team.

Our corporate acquisitions team are based in regions across the UK and are ready to discuss any land or collaboration opportunities.

We are the UK’s number 1 rental brand.

Casa is part of the Moda family, the UK's leading vertically integrated developer and operator or high-quality rental homes.

Our core brand values focus on providing outstanding customer service, leading technology, health and wellbeing offerings and creating valued communities to provide an optimum rental experience and a better quality of life.


Healthy. Safe. Sustainable.

ESG is embedded in all Casa by Moda operations, from planning and development to long-term operation.
As custodians of the communities we operate in, our aim is to pioneer positive change to the rental market and improve the way people live.