Cancellation policy

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Casa by Moda wants all our customers to be happy including those who do not ultimately become our residents. For that reason, a cancellation policy is in place because we know sometimes things change and life happens!

We do not charge fees but we do take a £200 home reservation payment to hold the property for you whilst we prepare it and complete the move in checks.

You will usually be asked to start your referencing checks 24-hours after the reservation payment has been made.

The reservation payment is refundable in the following circumstances:
• Casa by Moda has committed to a move in date (contractually within an AST) but can no longer honour that date.
• There is genuine circumstances or hardship and so Casa by Moda may agree to refund the payment at our discretion.
• You have not successfully passed referencing but have provided full and accurate information to complete the application process.
• You live in a Casa by Moda, Scotland neighbourhood.
• The reservation payment is non-refundable in the following circumstances:
• If you change your mind once the reference check has started.
• You fail to start referencing (within 72 hours of receiving the referencing application form), complete the referencing steps, or fail to provide necessary information for references to be obtained.
• You fail referencing due to providing incorrect, false or misleading information during the leasing and referencing process.