Data Privacy Extra

To help you understand the privacy issues relating to the MyCasa app we have produced this guide, which we would ask you to spend a few minutes to read.

MyCasa is an app, designed and administrated by Spike Global Limited. The app allows residents access to certain information, facilities and services during the course of their tenancy agreement.

All suppliers have signed a Moda data processing agreement, which is a legally binding document to protect your personal data. In addition, other contractual arrangements to protect your personal data are in place.

Certain features such as access to the building are mandatory, which require the use of a smart phone running either iOS or an Android device to run the MyCasa app. The core features provided by MyCasa are required by residents to gain quick access to tenancy information, communication and enjoy the benefits of their residency.

When you apply for a tenancy agreement, you will initially be directed to apply through Canopy, a credit reference service who operates independently of Moda Living. Canopy operates its own website and app and this should not be confused with MyCasa. Canopy will only share your credit scoring and other details appertaining to your application for a tenancy agreement with SFH Opco Limited, SFH Manco Limited and Moda Living when you have given your consent.

The provider’s details are: Canopy, which is the trading name of InsureStreet Limited. First Floor, Buckhurst House, 42/44Buckhurst Avenue, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, TN13 1LZ

Subject to your agreement and appropriate scoring and other checks, Casa by Moda will make a tenancy offer to you. Once finalised Casa by Moda will make available its MyCasa App.

The App provides certain core mandatory facilities for all residents, these comprise:

Maintenance Support:
This allows residents to be notified of essential maintenance across the development or within the building. Residents can also request property repairs via the Casa by Moda team. Where details need to be shared with external contractors, the amount of personal information given to them will be the minimum necessary to complete the required work. Any third-party suppliers are signatures to a legally binding processing agreement.

Utopi provide an ongoing analysis of energy data and the usage of your house/apartment, as well as in the amenity spaces. All data is retained in an anonymised encrypted format and personal identifiable data is not collected. The data is used for best practice management and the data specifically about your house/apartment is provided to each resident individually via the MyCasa app so that they can see the energy usage of their house/apartment and other useful information.

Utility management
HelpTheMove utility management lets the local council, utility and water supplier know that you are the new resident in the home. HelpTheMove will arrange for your home’s energy supplier to be OVO Energy. The supplier details are: HelpTheMove, 5 Parsonage, Manchester, M3 2HS
HelpTheMove’s Privacy Policy is available to view here.
OVO Energy’s Privacy Policy is available to view here.

If you have any questions concerning the MyCasa app please contact:

Data Protection Administrator
Central House
Beckwith Knowle
Otley Road

Telephone 01423 560200