Qualification criteria.

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What is the criteria to live at Casa by Moda?
All applicants over the age of 18 will be need to be named on the tenancy agreement and will be subject to a reference check in line with the following Casa by Moda criteria:
• The household income of everyone on the tenancy agreement is 30 x gross monthly rental amount, which can be made up of employment income or savings that have been untouched for three months.
• At least one member on the tenancy of the household holds an Experian credit score of 561 as a minimum.
• There is no current adverse credit for anyone within the household.
• Resident(s) must be able to supply proof of previous address and a valid landlord reference if anyone in the household has rented within the UK in the previous 3 years.
• Resident(s) have a valid right to rent (Not applicable at any Casa neighbourhoods within Scotland).

If I don’t meet the above criteria, can I still live at Casa by Moda?
Don’t worry, if you don’t meet the above criteria - there are still options for you to start living your best life at a Casa neighbourhood.

Applicants can pay the full tenancy upfront but must have a valid right to rent check (Not applicable to Casa neighbourhoods in Scotland).

For further information on our qualification criteria, please speak to a member of our leasing team.

Please note...
Casa by Moda reserves the right to refuse monthly payments or tenancies for any of the following reasons:
• Inadequate proof of affordability.
• False information or documentation is provided.
• Applicants have received a negative landlord reference.
• Applicants are unable to provide a valid employment reference from their employer.